Artist Reflection…
If there is one thing we are entitled to in life, it is our ability to be expressive. No one person or entity can strip us of our imagination or its voice. Since humans could walk , they have left their legacy on the walls of caves, in the structures of tombs and temples and on the canvases that currently grace homes and museums. In today's modern times, the ingenuity of art has become a key in technology and marketing latest ideas. The edge in every new era is a creative mind …

Artist Bio…
As an Illustrator, my objective is to seek employment utilizing my artistic talents. Due to my freelance art experience and work ethic I believe I would be an asset to any creative endeavor.

As an artist my artwork reflects who I am. My work is not abstract. I prefer creating conceptual likenesses of fictional characters, historical figures, and pop culture icons with sketchy pencil lines and digital watercolor. As a commercial artist my artwork reflects my clients needs along with my flair. I am a team player when it comes to creating concepts with others, listening to their ideas and goals while applying my knowledge as an illustrator.

My art is suitable for magazines, books, posters, greeting cards, websites, record labels and various other markets. My skills in Corel Painter give me freedom to design composite ideas as well as a final product in a time efficient manner. Please feel free to contact me with any queries.

Carla Marrero
Marrero Illustrations